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NO.512-【猎头职位:上海需要两位  PROJECT COORDINATOR】联系人:Lincy-Cao,邮箱,微信也可查询职位了!打开手机微信,搜号码“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公众帐号“KT人才”或扫描以上二维码即可添加,欢迎大家关注!

Job Description:

• Focuson bringing xxx’s semiconductor clients into the Chinese market, but beprepared to also work on non-semicon related projects from time-to-time

lanning, research and analysis using information gathered in Chinese andEnglish from the internet, phone calls and face-to-face meetings

•Identifying, contacting, meeting, and presenting to Chinese targetcustomers/partners • Managing the whole sales process from initial leadgeneration to negotiation, closing deals, and account management

•Driving business discussions to identify the best route to market for xxx’sclients (direct sales, licensing, channel selection)

• Developingand implementing long-term market-entry strategies for xxx’s clients

• Interpretationand technical liaison between xxx’s client and local Chinese customers

•Writing regular meeting notes and reports in English for clients • Arrangingclient visits and accompanying clients on market visits in China  

•Other related business development and administrative tasks

Job Requirement:

Fluent spoken and written Chinese & English • Strongoral and written presentation skills

•Experience in sales, business development, strategy consultancy or technologyis a plus, but recent graduates will be considered

•Degree in computer science or electronic engineering is preferred

•Thorough understanding of the Chinese business environment and an interest inChina

•Candidates with relevant experience working in or with technology (includingbut not limited to EDA tools, semiconductor design, semiconductor IP, andsemiconductor software development) will be given priority

福利:五险一金  带薪年假


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